Friday 31 July 2015

Col du Murs, and more

Nice ride tonight, up and down between and around the villages around here - Le Beaucet to Ste Gens and back, then to Vanesque, then over to Sananque (the Abbey), then to Murs, and then over the Col du Murs and down (a fun 8 km descent!) and then back through Vanesque and Le Beaucet to La Roque. 57 kms.

I stopped along the way this time to take some pics. Here they are:

The road up to Ste Gens (a steady 9-11% for 2 kms or so). 

At the end of the road, above Ste Gens, is a limestone quarry. You can see
Mt. Ventoux in the distance. 

Typical road and terrain up the D177 to the Abbey at Sananque.

Looking over the Luberon Valley from the highest point of Col du Murs.

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