Friday 7 August 2015

M's Ventoux

After being my support team on Tuesday, M was inspired to try riding up Ventoux. I offered to ride up with her, in support, so we planned for Thursday. Team!

A lot of people ride up Ventoux, of all ages and abilities. They ride it fast or slow. They ride without stopping, or they stop once or twice, whenever they need a breather. There are three ways up the mountain, and they're all a challenge, in their own way. For M's ride up we drove over to Sault and started riding at 8:30 am. It was 23'C and the ride was beautiful from the start. 

The first 20 kms of the climb from Sault average between 3 and 4%. It's a beautiful road and landscape and well worth the ride, but you know that after those first 20 kms, you emerge from the forest at Chalet Reynard and you have 6 kms of climbing that is a completely different road. It ramps up to average closer to 8%, especially the last 4 kms. This is where the bravery begins. 

The struggle begins in earnest.
(Notice the guy roller-blading up in the background.)

The summit is in view.

It's heating up, so M ditches the helmet. 

The final push, at 9% and more. The top is just around
the corner to the right. 

The summit!

The team!
(We're wearing jerseys from the LBS in Pernes-les-fontaines -
- a fine father-son operation run by Havi & Jerome.)

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